General conditions
Article 1.1 By using any functionality of the platform supported by you declare that you are aware and fully agree that you are obliged to obey the General Terms & Conditions.
Article 1.2 By using any functionality of the platform supported by a contract is being acknowledged between you and Hype Business Group EOOD a limited liability company registered in the trade registry of Republic Bulgaria with capital of 5000.00 leva and a headquarter in Sofia, res. distr. Ivan Vazov, Emil Berzinski str. bl. 75, vh. B, EIK 202637161 (called Bullcoin). When registering at or using direct order you confirm that you've read, understood and agreed General Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of the website. This General Terms version of the website contains all legal relationship between you and Bullcoin, and also legally replaces all previous contracts and agreements by any type including previous Terms & Conditions versions.
Article 1.3. Bullcoin is specialized platform for buying and selling crypto assets, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). Bullcoin is using specialized platforms for cryptocurrency exchange and distributes to its customer base of users and corporations. With Bullcoin customers can find, learn and invest in different crypto assets and secure their investment. The services are accessible online at
Article 2.1. The service offered by is ownership of Hype Business Group EOOD EIK: 202637161, company registered in Bulgaria.
Article 2.2. In this General Terms & Conditions, terms "Bullcoin", "we", "our", "ours" refer to Hype Business Group EOOD. Depending on the context, "Bullcoin" can refer to services, products, website and content granted by "Bullcoin".
Article 2.3. The service supported by Bullcoin, allows its website users to buy and sell digital currency ("services"). Bullcoin also offers change services, by which users are able to operate in leva. 
Article 2.4. Depending of the nationality and the country you are resident you may have limited access to some of the website functionalities. It is your responsibility to obey the local laws of the country you are citizen of and/or the place you are reaching the service. In accordance with this Terms and Conditions, Bullcoin grants You a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable right not subject to licensing and limited right to access and use the Website and Services.
Article 2.5. Services offered by Bullcoin may only be used by people who have reached the age of majority under the national law of the state of which they are nationals.
Article 2.6. In case of contradiction by any means of these General Terms & Conditions, the Bulgarian language is considered to be the one with privilege. 
Article 3. Hype Business Group EOOD holds the right to change General Terms & Conditions anytime. When change occurs our customers will be notified with a message at the homepage at
Trading Cryptocurrencies
Article 4.1. The exchange rate specified on the Bullcoin website is the price in the Fiat (leva equivalent), where you can buy or sell the relevant Digital Currency. Due to the volatility of the cryptocurrencies, the price at the time of ordering or selling may differ from the price at the time of the sale itself. By agreeing to these General Terms, you expressly acknowledge and agree that the exchange rate at the purchase price may not be the same as the exchange rate of the sale price at any given time and that Bullcoin may impose a "spread" on the above exchange rates.
Article 4.2. Bullcoin will always endeavor to maintain exchange services, but does not guarantee the availability of the Exchange service. When a cryptocurrency is bought from Bullcoin, this doesn't guarantee that you will be able to sell it at Bullcoin and visa versa.
Article 4.3. After successful registration or guest order, you will be able to buy a cryptocurrency from us with fiat or sell cryptocurrency for fiat. 
Article 4.4. Each transaction of an exchange service is tied to a charge imposed by the payment service providers and is owed by the customer. Bullcoin does not charge a commission on the fees due to payment service providers. Detailed breakdown of fees will be available when you confirm your order.
Article 4.5. Bullcoin will always seek to process each transaction as quickly as possible. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge and agree that there may be delays in this Service and declare your consent to Bullcoin to retain the right to cancel any Transactions at its sole discretion.
Article 4.6. Bullcoin reserves the right to refuse to execute orders if the amount of the transaction is less or more than the limit of the website.
Article 4.7. Bullcoin reserves the right to change Exchange rates at any time. The exchange rate is recalculated at the time of order confirmation.
Buying cryptocurrency
Article 5.1. When buying cryptocurrency, the customer completes an order in Bullcoin's platform and fills his or someone other's crypto address, by which he would like to receive the amount of cryptocurrency and chooses a desired payment option.
Article 5.2. Bullcoin offers following payment options:
A. At the bank branch of Raiffeisenbank - the client makes a deposit to the cashier, indicating in the "justification" field the order number supported by Bullcoin when confirming the order.
B. Bank transfer to Bullcoin's account - the customer makes a transfer with a specified payment reason to the respective bank account.
C. Payment via an ATM with bPay (EasyPay service) - the customer makes a bankcard payment at an ATM with a code pre-generated through the platform.
D. At EasyPay cash desk – the customer provides the code generated by the platform. 
E. CASHTERMINAL - the customer makes a cache payment through the device, using a unique code previously generated by the platform. The device does not return change, for that purpose, when the sum is being exceeded, Bullcoin recalculates the overpayment in favor of the customer.
Selling Cryptocurrency
Article 6.1. When selling cryptocurrency, the customer initiates order in the Bullcoin platform indicating the desired amount he wants to sell, as well as the desired method he would like to receive the fiat payment and than he sends the cryptocurrency to Bullcoin's address.
Article 6.2. Bullcoin offers following payment methods:
A. Receive the amount by bank transfer, as the customer specifies the IBAN of his / her account as well as the name.
B. Receive the amount by KIN account at ePay.
C. Receive cash payment at EasyPay.
Article 7.1. The user has no right to cancel, change, or return an already entered transaction. Bullcoin reserves the right to refuse to process, cancel or return any purchase of cryptocurrency, if we believe that the deal involves or could be included in a criminal activity, violates our prohibited activities or is in violation of the laws of Republic Bulgaria.
Article 7.2. In the case of a canceled or denied transaction, Bullcoin is under no obligation to reprocess the transaction in the same way as the rejected one.
Payment operators
Article 8. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you expressly acknowledge and agree that Bullcoin may use third parties as the Fiat Payment Services Operator between you and Bullcoin, including deposits and withdrawals.
Article 9. Hype Business Group EOOD is not responsible for transactions where the customer has supported us with wrong or inaccurate public address. Cryptocurrency transactions are "one way", which makes them technically impossible to be annulated.
Article 10.1. The minimum amount of cryptocurrency that can be exchanged with the service is equivalent to BGN 200 in fiat.
Article 10.2. Hype Business Group EOOD processes personal data in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Policy, the Personal Data Protection Act and observing the Privacy Policy posted on the website.
Article 10.3. For the exchange of cryptocurrency, whose unit value exceeds 30,000 (thirty thousand leva) Hype Business Group EOOD requires verification of the identity of the applicant and of the nature of the exchange operations carried out as a debtor in the sense of article 3, paragraph 2, item 17 of the Law on Measures Against Money Laundering.
Article 11. When performing the requested exchange operations, Hype Business Group EOOD, uses the data provided by the applicants as provided and is not responsible if the data prove inaccurate, misleading or false. 
Article 12. The service cannot be used for violation or circumvention of tax and financial legislation, nor for money laundering or financing of terrorist organizations.
Article 13. Customer is solely responsible for the use of false information, program code or equipment intended to interrupt, hinder, disturb or restrict the normal functioning of computer equipment, software, connection to the World Wide Web or to make unauthorized access to the database or to the technical support or other resources related to the service In the event of a finding of a breach by our client, Hype Business Group EOOD reserves the right to provide all available information about the customer to the competent authorities. If a person is unaware of unauthorized use of the service at, Hype Business Group EOOD reserves the right to cancel all requests to a specific customer or group of clients identified as suspicious and to remit the received or made payments from them.
Article 14. Hype Business Group EOOD is not responsible for any technical problems or damages incurred by software, computer equipment, the connection to the World Wide Web, inappropriate behavior of a client or third parties who have committed unlawful actions or because of unforeseeable or extraordinary circumstances. Hype Business Group EOOD is also not responsible for actions performed by a client's account that voluntarily provided his/her password for access to third parties or did not take due care to secure the security of its software, computer equipment, the connection to the global network, the use of high-complexity passwords, their secret protection and their regular updating.
Article 15. Hype Business Group EOOD is also not responsible for the reliability and operating conditions of the third-party intermediaries whose services the clients use in carrying out the transactions referred to in art. 6 and 7 of these General Terms & Conditions. Customers should be aware of the General Terms of Service of our third-party intermediaries (intermediaries).
Article 16. Hype Business Group EOOD reserves the right to upload advertising material on the website in a way that it finds suitable and is not responsible for their content as long as the same is the property of advertisers and does not constitute an obvious violation of the law.
Article 17. Hype Business Group EOOD reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to change the content, design, technology and functionality of the service page and is not responsible for any damages resulting from altered or discontinued functionality support.
Final provisions
Article 18. In the event of a dispute, which the parties cannot resolve by negotiation with one another, they agree to settle it by the legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria.
Last revision of the Terms and Conditions was published on 29.06.2018.