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When a cryptocurrency is bought, a price recalculation follows at the moment when the money transfer is well received.

*Minimum amount 1000 lv.

*For further steps of your order, please leave a massage in our live chat form or call following telephone number:

The amount, which you would like to sell is recalculated by at least 3 verifications in Blockchain network.

For BTC the minimum amount is 3 verifications, ETH - 5 verifications, BCH – 3 verifications.

For all other cryptocurrencies please don’t hesitate to contact us by using our live chat contact form or call us.

*When selling a cryptocurrency and the method is “cash”, there is commision of 1% for the trade.


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Mission & vision is an intuitive and user-friendly online platform with which anyone can quickly and easily buy or sell Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA) and other leading cryptocurrencies.

The Blockchain ecosystem has been proven for over 10 years as a secure and evolving environment.'s mission is to be part of a next-generation financial model where value transfer is secure, fast, fair and automated.

All without geographical, technological and political obstacles!


Have more questions?

Send us an e-mail or check out  messaging board where you can ask your question and get a prompt reply from our experts.


  • Where should I start?!?

    Bitcoin Wallet Address is like your bank account. You can send, receive, or collect cryptocurrency e.g. Bitcoin. You have the ability to generate multiple addresses for free and use them for different purposes, which is an advantage over monthly bank account service fees. You can also send or receive cryptocurrency cross-border for a fraction of the price of the expensive bank transactions. Also the security of the transactions is very high as Bitcoin is the first Blockchain cryptocurrency with over 10 years of seamless experience and non-stop operation 24/7 per year.

    Each wallet address contains a public key and a private key. The private one is only known by you and through it you guarantee the security of your currency.

    The website of offers you the opportunity to buy leading cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Cardano (ADA). We will give you an example for wallet addresses with types of cryptocurrency we operate - Exodus is secure desktop wallet, handy for Bitcoin (BTC) as well as for Ethereum (ETH) and myetherwallet (MEW) is great for Ethereum (ETH) and various types of tokens. Yoroi is a light weight wallet for Cardano (ADA).

    *Please check your spam after you submit your order. Sometimes our emails go there. Thank you!

  • What is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is the first blockchain technology, which uses an algorithm for transaction verification, which is executed by physical computer power known as mining hardware. Satoshi Nakamoto is the famous nickname used by a person or a team of people for the creation of bitcoin back in 2008. The platform verifies transactional data (h/s) and the speed by which the data is processed is called hash/second. Bitcoin contains informational blocks. Each subsequent block contains all the previous blocks plus new transactions (hash). The size of 1 block of bitcoin equalls 1 megabite. Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV are versions of the original bitcoin with a total block size capacity of 8 megabytes.

  • What is satoshi and can I buy less than 1 bitcoin?

    1 Bitcoin = 100,000,000 satoshi. At we offer our customers to buy or sell an equivalent of not less than 200 BGN when buying the respective number of satoshi (or part of a bitcoin).

  • What is blockchain?

    Blockchain is the technology that is not only behind cryptocurrencies. There is much more potential, not solely in terms of payments, but also with smart contracts. For example, you can manage assets, track goods, test different technologies, and set up rules for whole communities.

  • How can I buy a bitcoin/ether/cardano?

    Step 1: Choose the amount you would like to buy bitcoin/ethereum/cardano or the desired amount of cryptocurrency. Both fields are interconnected and recalculate depending on the moment price. The end price will include all taxes for payment providers (EasyPay, Cashterminal). These taxes are due to third parties working on facilitating the transaction.

    Step 2: Choose the payment method.

    Step 3: Enter your bitcoin wallet address. Please be careful not to enter a wrong address or address that belongs to a different currency. is not liable for wrong data given by the client.

    You will see in the next window all the payment details after completion of three steps. Same data will be sent to your email address for your convenience.

    If you have chosen to pay via bank transfer, we will send you information regarding our bank account and subject that you will need to include in the subject that we need for the completion of the transaction. For bPay, EasyPay, Cashterminal you will receive a generated code that you will need in order to complete the transaction. Around 15 minutes after your payment is confirmed, we will send you the amount of bitcoin on the wallet address you have sent us.

    * Please be informed that Cashterminal is not giving any change back. If you supply greater amount in the terminal, we will recalculate your order.

  • How can I sell bitcoin/ether/cardano?

    Step 1: Choose the amount bitcoin you would like to sell or the desired amount in BGN. Both fields are interconnected and recalculate depending on the moment price.

    Step 2: Choose the payment method you would like to receive the amount for your bitcoin. All the taxes for mining and payment operators are being deducted by the total receivable amount.

    Step 3: Fill in the payment information alligned with the payment method you have chosen in the previous step and we will confirm your order at the email you have provided. If you have chosen bank transfer, you would need to give us your IBAN and recipient name, for ePay client identification number. If you choose to receive your payment at EasyPay, you will need to support us with your name and PIN (Personal Identification Number or EGN) for the person receiving the cash.

  • I bought bitcoin. When I will receive it?

    After we receive your payment, we will confirm your bitcoin transaction. Technically, you will see you bitcoin in your wallet in 20-30 minutes after we have received you payment. Ethereum is receivable at faster timeframe and you will be able to see it almost imideately in you wallet after a payment is received.

    Transaction processing time:

    • bank transfer via BISERA before 08:30h on a business day – the same day after 10:30h.
    • bank transfer BISERA between 08:30h and 12.30h on a business day – the same day after 14:00h.
    • bank transfer via BISERA between 12:30h and 14:30h on a business day – the same day after 16:30h.
    • bank transfer via BISERA after 14:30h or non business hours – next business day untill 10:30h
    • bank transfer via RINGS during business day (between 08:00h and 15:00h) – in 30 minutes after the transfer.
    • cash desk at EasyPay – in minutes
    • Cashterminal – in minutes

    Timing is approximate. There might be difference in timeframes depending on your bank. Please ask them for more information.

  • I sold bitcoin. When I will receive my money?

    1. After we receive 3 confirmation in blockchain network, we release the amount in 20-30 minutes. The time for your payment to arrive depends on the payment method you have chosen.

    2. If you are working with the bank that we operate, the amount usually will be in your account in 1 hour. If you account is in another bank, you will receive your transaction by the BISERA, which is processing transactions three times per day:

    3. If you have received confirmation email that your bitcoin transaction is confirmed:

    • before 08:30h on a business day – the same day after 10:30h.
    • between 08:30h and 12:30h on a business day – the same day after 14:00h.
    • between 12:30h and 14:30h on a business day – the same day after 16:30h
    • after 14:30h or on a non business day – the next business day untill 10:30h

    Timing is approximate and there might be difference in real time processing depending on the bank. We are not responsible for delayed bank transfers!

    If you desired payment method is ePay or EasyPay, you will receive the amount straight away.


  • What payment methods can I use? is online cryptocurrency exchange platform. Our aim is to offer our clients as much as possible ways for payment. At the moment we operate by Bank transfer, EasyPay, Cashtermianl.

  • What is the minimum amount I am able to buy from the plaltform?

    Minimum amount of cryptocurrency, that you can exchange by the platform equalls 200 BGN. Maximum amount is 10 000 BGN. For more information don't hesitate to contact us via contact form, that you can find on our website, email or phone. We will be glad to cooperate.


  • Do you support only bitcoin, ether and cardano?

    We work with other cryptocurrencies. We accept the minimum value of orders for the respective currencies at prices of 2000 BGN. Please contact our associate for more information.

  • Is there taxation regarding profits by cryptocurrency?

    Yes, cryptocurrency deals and in particular the profit from trading is subject to taxation. The standard taxation is 10% on profit (if any). It is declared with an annual tax return as income from the sale of financial assets. can not provide legal and tax advice to its customer. Contact the appropriate professionals for this purpose.